Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Washing Down the Moon

The moon is lopsided

I think someone dented it

I hope they have insurance

You can push with all your might

But you can only pull with your weight

If that is not enough, it is you who moves, not the object

Physics is a bitch

I don’t like sciences with equations that can be solved

Makes it harder to fake that you know what your talking about

The great mouth of the earth

Smiles and gnashes its mountainous teeth

We are all food

Flies do not hesitate

900 facets to look through

And no time to decide

Cows would eat us if they could

They think about it a lot

How much grass can you eat?

High fructose corn syrup

On the cob

Two hump caramel

The mind is a zoo for our memories

Sometimes we try to simulate their natural enviorment

But usually they sleep in empty cages

If I could live on the moon I would

But what would I wash it down with

1 comment:

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