Thursday, March 4, 2010

Next Unchildren's Story; Fish Dog Sam

Fish Dog Sam

He squirms and squeals
And reels on his heels
At what the sun reveals

"Everyone in this town talks to themselves"
He yells at himself
"That's not counting the blue tooth
Just the green tooth
And the yellow eyed
Who roll on the ground
And spit out hands
To grab you."

Fish Dog Sam
If ever he swam
He'd of sank for sure
Like a deep sea lure
His heels on the keel
Know how the sun must feel

"I've a beard that hangs down to my cock
And I have pissed into my whiskers
But I don't sneeze on my feet no more."

Then he did the dance where his feet clapped like hands
And his knees hit his stoney elbows
He barked like a fish like a dog like a man
he flopped like a Fish Dog Sam