Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hyatus Endus

Stand in turf with hammered knees

and sleek resolve like foxes fighting for a warren

red and flashing

teeth and snarls and graceful twisting rolling spines

Find a moment and hold it to the fire of your image

Make it smoke and inhale it

till you feel its weight in your lungs

How dare you enjoy your life while it might harm some unknown indigenous asshole in bunga bunga?

Well fuck it I'm getting the latte anyway,

and as for the cup I hope it chokes the last polar bear.

Gut feeling says this is going to be a try not to kick anybody in the knee kind of day,

hope I'm up to it.

Why does the city not want people to sleep on the sidewalk?

They don't ask me for any money when there asleep.

I want them to ban all the other people who are awake.

Especially the fat old Mexican women who walk three across at a pace that would piss off a snail.

I've seen you go for a register that's just opening at the grocery store.

I know you can move.

I need an ointment to salve my problems.

The car door opened like a vein. And more than a yard of sleek flesh slithered out to the curb, and a woman emerged who could raise your insurance premium just by smiling at you.

You are Pythagorean. What I mean to say is that A squared, plus B squared equals you square.

There is no reason ever to hit a woman out of anger. For sexual gratification, yeah I get that. But out of anger, that's just sick.

I spell so badly I can't look up words.

Ptolemy had a bad Idea

Ptolemy had a bad Idea

He said I know what to get Caesar for Christmas this year

My darling you've got to see me driving away.

My darling why don't you see me driving away?

Won't you honk your horn and yell for me.

Yell for me to stay.

Cause I don't really want to drive away.

My darling you got to see me screwing up.

My darling why don't you see me screwing up?

When you see that happen break my bottle,

and hide the keys to the truck.

Cause, my darling, I don't want to screw up.

My darling can I be a better man?

My darling why can't you see I'll be a better man?

Cause if you tell me that I can,

Kick the ass of superman

My darling I'll die trying if I can't

My darling do you see me driving away?

My darling why don't you see me driving away?

I'll put my pride in the trunk,

and turn this jalopy to the one I love.

Cause I ain't never gonna drive away.