Monday, April 14, 2008

If God had a condom we wouldn't be in this mess

In an attempt to make something happen he imagines a cave,
And enters.

Splayed played
Displayed on parade
If I ever get enough I will loose it

Hypersensitive expletive executive
As hip as a Q-tip
Fingernail grip
Railroad trip
Gun got fun run
On the money clip

Never have I seen my own eyes

Who are you talking to?
Pancakes don’t care

Girls named after spices are usually cute

I was frankly offended by snoop dogg’s decision to name his daughter chocolate for two reasons.

Firstly, I think a woman should be allowed to pick her own stripper name.

And secondly that makes her chocolate dogg

Which is just wrong.


America has a heart that opens like a shower curtain
Swept aside by a naked figure,
Hot water and handgrenades,
That’s what this country needs.

The newsmen pat themselves on the back
For being so fair;
Wink, wink.
I hear of Hillary’s death rattle,
A subtle subtext only they can detect
Until they say it enough for it to be true
Then we will all shout it from the rooftops,
Or the water cooler.

Truth in America is spoken.
It is anything that is spoken,

We will never have a president again.
We will only have a show.
I only know about the numbers
And what who’s its said about so and so

I have a vote.
I have a remote.
One of them will make a change.