Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things Other People Should Do

Someone should invent a reverse microwave.
No, not something that would unpop popcorn, that would be stupid.
I mean something that I could take a warm soda, put it in, push a button, and thirty seconds later have a cold soda.
Is that so much to ask of science.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deep Hot Water

Struggle though I might

No matter how hard I kick
No matter how hard I fight

The surface is out of reach
And air tight

And the temperature’s starting to rise

Struggle though I do

I’m still going down deep
Deep down in the blue

Becoming a piece of
Meat in this stew

Swimming in the deep hot water

And it boils my blood

When I think about those
Who escaped this flood

Breathing the air
And stuck in the mud

Watching me come to a boil

It irks me

Jerks my chain to be
Stuck in this sea

Just who is this soup
That I’m in gonna feed

Swimming in the deep hot water